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Re:Coming to Rijeka From Miami, USA

Angler For Life's Avatar 18 Srp 2019 03:34 #1 od Angler For Life
Sorry my Croatian is terrible so I will speak English. My wife is from Rijeka. We married in 2001 in Zagreb, I have been to Croatia five times, but have never fished there. I fish almost every day in Florida where we live. We will be visiting her family in Rijeka next month and I am planning to fish the sea as often as possible. I am seeking information about harvest limits. I see that on this site, there is a list of seasons and minimum size limits to harvest fish. I have also found a different list online at this link:


Some of the limits listed on that site are different than what is listed on Ludomore.com. Which list is correct? I am making an illustrated chart to help me identify fish with size limits, but I want for it to be accurate. I hope that I can post it here so that others may find it useful as well. Here is what I have done so far, based on the limits from the other website:

Hvala: B_

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BlackMarlin's Avatar 18 Srp 2019 10:28 #2 od BlackMarlin
Hi Angler :)

I'm in Rijeka.
In Croatia we have limit of 5kg (around 11lbs) + one capital catch per fishing trip. It doesn't matter what species you get, they are all in the same 5kg limit.

My English is not perfect, so zo be clear, you don't get 5kg per species, but 5kg in total. Plus that one capital size catch.
Many fish species have minimum allowed size measured in cm, so be sure to get that information.

What kind of fishing are you planning to do here?

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Angler For Life's Avatar 18 Srp 2019 18:56 #3 od Angler For Life
Thank you for that clear explanation of the rules. I don't know what to expect, so I am bringing a variety of gear, including some spinning reels, lures, and hooks/weights for bait. I think it will be cheaper and easier to purchase rods in Croatia than to travel with them. Any recommendations about spinning rods and tackle shops are welcome! I will be primarily around Opatija and Lovran. What can I expect to catch from the shore in August?

I usually use a cast net to catch live bait near the shore. Is that legal and effective in Croatia? If not, what about Sabiki Rigs?

I have seen videos on YouTube of mahi mahi caught from the shore near Krk. I would also like to catch bonito, amberjack, and tuna if possible, but I'd probably have to be on a boat with heavy gear for those. Basically, I'd like to catch a few large fish that will feed several people B) :)

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BlackMarlin's Avatar 18 Srp 2019 20:02 #4 od BlackMarlin
Cast nets are not allowed.

And yes, for larger fish like tuna or amberjack you need a boat.

But you can get bonito or snapper from shore.
Bonito can be cought on spinning or shore jigging tackle, you can use rods up to 60g, no need for stronger if you ask me.
And snapper... Well you can cast live or dead bait from shore, or go with shore jigging gear.
Here people often cast dead bait, mostly Adriatic squid (not imported).
Squid you can buy at local fish market or source from local fisherman. Just avoid frozen one from supermarkets.
I personally preffer shore jigging just because I love this technique.

Whatever you do, have one thing in mind. This is not ocean and we have a lot less fish, especially big predators.
Also, people are veeeery secretive about their fishing spots, so don't be shocked if you ask someone "is there any fish here?" and they try to tell you "NO"

If you get ultralight or light spinning setup for lures/jigs with rod rating up to maybe 20 or 25g you can have a lot more action from ports and docks catching mackerel in the morning and at sunset. Maybe even some seabass.

What we have in abundance close to your area are bluefish. Rod up to 40-45g is more than enough for our bluefish.

I think dorados will come here later in the year, maybe october. Not sure.

If you want more action, go light for mackerel type of fish :)
If you are happy if you catch nothing, choose whatever you want 😅

And sorry for jumping around, I was just brainstorming

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BlackMarlin's Avatar 18 Srp 2019 20:03 #5 od BlackMarlin
If you go with shore jigging route, we can go together :)

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Angler For Life's Avatar 18 Srp 2019 21:04 #6 od Angler For Life
Wow, so much helpful information. Thank you. I will often set up one rod with live bait and work a lure with another to increase my opportunities to catch fish.

I did buy a couple of jigs for shore jigging, one is 55 grams, the other is 85 grams. I am not familiar with this technique, as our Florida beaches are very shallow and sandy, but they do use those jigs from boats a few miles offshore here. I am absolutely planning to do some shore jigging from the rocks between Lovran and Moscenica Draga, I know I would benefit from the experience of others, so fishing with somebody who knows what they're doing would be a plus!

I spoke to somebody at Tamaracom in Rijeka about buying some rods there. Is that a good place to get them or is there a better place?

I am somewhat new to saltwater fishing. Most of my experience is in freshwater fishing for bass. My YouTube channel:

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BlackMarlin's Avatar 18 Srp 2019 21:27 #7 od BlackMarlin
Tamaracom is ok store. But you can buy from anywhere in Croatia and get them on your doorstep in 24-48 hours.

One thing is almost for sure, you will get more fish by spinning than with jigs.
For shore jigging there are some good positions after Moscenicka draga in the small village called Brsec.

For bluefish try Plomin bay and Antenal.

You can reach me on facebook www.facebook.com/mr.flawsome if you need any help or have some questions.

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Angler For Life's Avatar 18 Srp 2019 21:53 #8 od Angler For Life
Super! I can have the rods shipped to my wife's parent's home before I even arrive in Hrvatska!
How can I do that? My wife told me there is no Amazon.com in Croatia.

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  • Stalni korisnik
Ceco's Avatar 19 Srp 2019 03:33 #9 od Ceco
Amazon is to expensive for shipping in Croatia. You have few great tackle shop's in Croatia like a Maguro Pro Shop www.maguro-pro-shop.com/hr/

Svijetvaralica.eu www.svijetvaralica.eu/

Škorpion DNC skorpion-dnc.hr/?SID=es1fp6olgrifa5v7b79rv2t5mm

Top fishing shop


And there is a few EU stores with great gear and price with only 15 $ shipping costs

Nordsfishing www.nordfishing77.at/
And Angel domaene

The best lures for our sea so far
MaxRap 11, MaxRap 15, MaxRap 18, DUO TMS 140, DUO TMS 175, and plastic jig like Fiiish Black Minow 9g or Savage Gear Mini Sandeel kit.

For bait fish you can use fish traps or catch it with light gear on float from shore.

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Angler For Life's Avatar 19 Srp 2019 06:22 #10 od Angler For Life
So much useful information, I will certainly look into it!

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susnjar's Avatar 21 Srp 2019 15:42 #11 od susnjar
Welcome and “bistro” :)

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Baćo68's Avatar 29 Srp 2019 14:17 #12 od Baćo68
Wellcome! You have good tackle shop in Ićići marina...."Rogi ribaru".

Riba(r) ribi grize rep

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